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Sirena Yachts

Istanbul Heritage (6-Piece Collection)

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Basilica Cistern: It is a large underground cistern built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I (527-565) to supply the water needs of the palace and the inhabitants of the region. The two Medusa heads, which serve as pedestals under two columns, are masterpieces of Roman sculpture. It is not known from which structures the Medusa heads were taken and brought here, which attracts most of the attention of visitors to the cistern.

Galata: The Galata Tower was built by the Genoese who settled in Galata in the 14th century to protect their region from foreigners. The nostalgic tram, which has become the symbol of Beyoğlu, still performs its symbolic service.

Kadıköy: Haydarpaşa station was built in 1908 as the starting station of the Baghdad Railway. The bronze statue of the bull was created in 1864 by the French sculptor Isidore Jules Bonheur. The statue has often been referred to as the symbol of Kadıköy and an important meeting place.

Karaköy: The ferries, identified with Istanbul by their uniqe design and one of the indispensable symbols of Istanbul, are used by thousands of people to connect the two sides of the city. It is one of the public transports that allow you to see the silhouettes of Istanbul such as the Maiden Tower, Galata Tower, palaces and bridges and breathe in the air of the Bosphorus.

Maiden’s Tower: The Maiden's Tower, which has become the symbol of the Bosphorus, is the only work from the Byzantine period in Üsküdar. The tower, whose historical past dates back to 24 BC, was built on a small island. There are many legends about the purpose of its construction.

İlhan Koman's Mediterranean sculpture is one of the most famous sculptures in Istanbul. "The Mediterranean Sea came to my mind when I was talking about human embrace and love. The Mediterranean Sea is big, it is a sea of us. I wanted to describe the embrace with this name. I wanted to exploit the integrity of a woman while describing love and embrace." (Ilhan Koman)

Suriçi: Haliç is the place surrounded by the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. It is the name for the region where the city of Istanbul was founded and developed. The city walls from the Byzantine period form the western border of the peninsula. The region, which contains numerous artifacts from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, has the value of an open-air museum in this sense.

Sirena Yachts x Ada Tuncer

By combining our own passion for art with our outspoken support for the artists who create it, we are launching a sustainable project that will appeal to our art-loving customers.

The project aims to help introduce a new artist to a wider audience each year and help encourage the creation of art and help to sustains it for many years to come.

To launch our project, we began to collaborate with our first artist, Ada Tuncer. Our artist is proud to present a special selection of her work, designed around the theme "Istanbul Heritage," and focuses on historical places and heritage sites.

The selection represents the many heritage districts of Istanbul that each lend their unique flavor to make up the whole of the great city, including districts such as Galata, Kadıköy, Karaköy, Eminönü, Taksim, Üsküdar and such timeless sites as the Serpent Column, the Theodosius Obelisk, the City Walls of Istanbul, the Topkapı Palace, the Basilica Cistern, the Medusa Statue, the Galata Tower, the Haydarpaşa Railway Station, the Bull Statue, the Maiden's Tower and details from İlhan Koman's Mediterranean sculptures. In the works, these details are accompanied by Istanbul's cats, seagulls, trees, and tulips.

The selection, numbering just 900 pieces, will also have the benefit of being a limited collection that will increase in value over the years.

Artist Introduction

Ada Tuncer was born in Izmir in 1989. She studied cinematography at Mimar Sinan University. In her studio in Beyoğlu, Galata she works in the fields of painting, illustration, graphic design and jewelry design. The joint practice of these activities and the interaction between them is the fundamental dynamic of the production process.

Artist Background

  • 2021, Contemporary Istanbul, mixed exhibition, Ambidexter, Istanbul.
  • 2020, Running with the Wolves, mixed exhibition, Eksi Bir, Istanbul.
  • 2019, Step Istanbul, mixed exhibition, Tomtom Kırmızı, Istanbul.
  • 2018, Ambidextrous Group Show, mixed exhibition, Ambidexter, Istanbul.
  • 2017, To Cut, personal exhibition, Tab Gallery, Istanbul.
  • 2016, Temple, personal exhibition, Poligon “The Shooting Gallery”, Istanbul.
  • 2016, Indie Line, mixed exhibition, ArtSümer, Istanbul.
  • 2011, Destroy Istanbul, mixed exhibition, Neurotitan Art Gallery, Berlin.